Laboga 212 VRT Vertical Cabinet


212A VERTICAL cabinet “slanted”, consists of two Celestion speakers: G12T-75 and Vintage 30. These models of speakers are highly respected and recognized by guitarists all over the world.

This cabinet is characterized by a selective and dynamic bass and round and pleasant to the ear highs.

The vertical and slim design of the cabinet improves comfort when transporting, and excels on small stages.

On the back there are two 6.3mm jacks for connecting an amplifier and additional cabinet. When connecting several cabinets together, this helps to avoid having to use long cables.

Available type: CLASSIC – made from plywood which causes that the sound to be drier, but there is a very quick response and the sound is clearer.

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Laboga 212 VRT Vertical Cabinet
Laboga 212 VRT Vertical Cabinet 700,00 

The Laboga 212 VRT Vertical Cabinet is a pinnacle of sound engineering, meticulously designed to deliver a sonic experience like no other. With a focus on both stage and studio performance, this speaker cabinet combines power and precision to elevate your music to new heights.

Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, the Laboga 212 VRT boasts premium construction and high-quality materials. Its vertical design maximizes space efficiency without compromising on sound quality. Equipped with top-notch speakers and expertly tuned internals, this cabinet guarantees exceptional clarity and projection, whether you’re on stage or in the studio.

Featuring an elegant yet rugged exterior, the Laboga 212 VRT is not just a sonic powerhouse but also a visual marvel. Its distinctive design is sure to turn heads and complement your musical identity. If you demand the best in sound and aesthetics, the Laboga 212 VRT Vertical Cabinet is the perfect choice to showcase your artistry and elevate your musical journey to the next level.

Additional information

Weight29,4 kg
Dimensions60 × 35 × 75 cm



120W RMS


Celestion G12T-75, Celestion Vintage 30


16Ω, 4Ω, 8Ω