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At Ahead Music Store in Nicosia, Cyprus, we aim to cover a broad spectrum of products to provide sound and solutions for today’s musicians. This approach is where technology meets and embraces traditional music making, elevating it to the higher level of music playing and production we see today.

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Strandberg Guitars

We believe that your best performances come from feeling inspired, and that this inspiration can have many sources. We are convinced that not just the sound of your guitar, or how it feels to play are important components, but also how it makes you feel.

D'Angelico Guitars


Founded in 1932, D’Angelico Guitars is a New York City-based guitar brand built on the history of one of the most revered luthiers of all time. Offering a diverse array of instruments across three series (Premier, Excel and Deluxe), D’Angelico guitars are exceptionally-crafted, versatile instruments for the modern player. Committed to maintaining its legacy, D’Angelico’s mission is to both honor its roots and offer forward-thinking instrument design for the modern player.

Nik Huber Guitars


Nik-Huber-Guitars was founded by Nik Huber in 1996. Since then, the company grew slowly but constantly. Today a team of 8 highly skilled specialists is building around 240 instruments a year. All hand-crafted. Since the first attendance at the Frankfurt Musik Messe in 1997, Nik Huber Guitars gained a worldwide reputation as a serious manufacturer of high-class electric-guitars. In 1999 the expanding company moved to a commercial park in its hometown, Rodgau – 20 km south of Frankfurt/Germany, and resides now in a fully, state-of-the-art equipped workshop.

Noble & Cooley Drums


Today, Noble & Cooley delivers hand-crafted drums to every corner of the world, with leading artists and the next generation of drummers choosing our premium drums to be part of something different. To set their tone and stand apart with a superior sound. And while we might have had a humble beginning, we are who we are today because of our history of innovation, commitment to craft quality and passion for delivering custom works of art and personalized experiences to customers across the globe.

Vater Percussion Drumsticks

Vater guarantees their sticks to be “straighter, more consistent and of higher quality than all other leading drumstick manufacturers”. Vater sticks typically have a higher moisture content than other drumsticks, which is intended to create more durable drumsticks, though this does result in a slightly heavier stick.

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We pick the very best so you can be assured of the quality. There can be no compromises when it comes to materials, ease of wear, and durability.