Ahead Music was first created as a concept in 2019, after Demetris Marangos and his son Steph decided to offer the music world in Cyprus something better and different.

Demetris is the fourth generation owner of the family timber business created in 1903, so it was time to do something he always loved after all these years.
Being a drummer for over 40 years and his son a guitar student, they set off to NAMM in January 2020 to discover what they could bring back with them.

The philosophy of the company is to curate and use a boutique approach to bring the best of what is available in music today, to players in Cyprus as well as any overseas customers that appreciate what we offer. That’s why they visit most of our suppliers and try and select all instruments to make sure the quality is always there. In short, to be AHEAD!

Additionally, our personal experience and the fact that we are all musicians working for Ahead, means we understand the needs and requirements of each player whether its drums, guitar etc. This allows us a more personalised sales approach to the customer.