Victory Amps Sheriff 22


Expect 1960s-style blues rock to 70s and 80s heavy rock and beyond…​

This dual-channel, EL84-powered amp is all about classic British overdrive sounds, housed in the same light and portable metal chassis as our award-winning V30 and V40 heads. Blues-rock players will love the mid-60s-style feel and response of Input/Volume I, with enough gain to sing but also clean up well off the guitar. Input/Volume II takes off into hot-rodded 70s and 80s territory and beyond, retaining that classic British ‘plexi’ sound all the way. A separate speaker out gives you bedroom level cranked tone at just 0.3 watts. The Sheriff 22 is for rock players who want to travel small but go over big!

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Victory Amps Sheriff 22
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The Victory Amps Sheriff 22 is the embodiment of British tone and craftsmanship. This amplifier encapsulates the essence of classic rock and blues, offering a sonic journey that’s deeply rooted in heritage yet designed for the modern guitarist. With 22 watts of power, it’s versatile enough for both stage and studio, making it an essential tool for any serious musician.

This amplifier excels at delivering that classic “cranked amp” sound that has defined rock and blues for generations. From the sweet chime of cleans to the harmonically rich overdriven tones, the Sheriff 22 captures the spirit of iconic vintage amps while incorporating modern features for greater flexibility and reliability. Whether you’re a professional gigging artist or a dedicated hobbyist, this amp is your ticket to authentic British sound.

The Victory Amps Sheriff 22 isn’t just an amplifier; it’s a gateway to timeless rock and blues tones. Built to exacting standards and designed for uncompromising musicians, it’s the ideal choice for those who demand the best. With its harmonically rich overdrive and pristine clean tones, the Sheriff 22 is the cornerstone of a guitarist’s tonal palette, making it a must-have for players who seek the ultimate in sonic expression.

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