Laboga Caiman AD5301 Combo


Caiman 5301 combo is a full tube head amplifier, hand crafted by qualified craftsman. Lightweight and compact size makes this amp easy to handle. The amp has full-size 12″ Celestion speaker: G12T-75 and produces pure tube 50W output power.

With its soft and compressed sound, it is the ideal amp for all ranges from Blues to Metal, offering the comfort a musician is used to and expects from an amp. In preamplifier the classic sound meets the modern. The EL84M tubes, used in power stage, are very dynamic, warm and, which is more important, very reliable. They work with very efficient Celestion G12T-75 speaker, which handles 75 W.

The Caiman has two switchable channels: clean and overdrive. Clean channel additionally allows to reach a little crunch (especially with turning Master Volume off). With overdrive channel though, you get tones from crunch to high gain. This channel also has two independent gain knobs, switchable using footswitch. For instance: you can then set the Gain 1 at lower values and the Gain 2 at higher. So, when you want to play a solo, only thing you need to do, is to switch Gain 2 using footswitch, like you usually do, when you change the channels. This will rapidly increase the amount of gain.

Switching between channels is possible using front panel switch or footswitch, which is included in the set. Both channels have bright switches.

Thick speaker cable connects amplifier’s output with internal speaker. Its special length allows to connect the internal speaker to the external cabinet and use both at the same time.

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Laboga Caiman AD5301 Combo
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The Laboga Caiman AD5301 Combo is a versatile and powerful amplifier that opens the door to a wide range of tonal possibilities. This combo amplifier is a true workhorse, capable of delivering pristine clean tones, a hint of classic crunch, and all the way to a roaring overdrive. It’s designed to cater to the demands of modern guitarists who seek a single amp that can handle it all.

One of the standout features of the Caiman AD5301 is its versatility. With intuitive controls and an array of tone-shaping options, this amp adapts to your playing style effortlessly. The clean channel delivers sparkling clarity, making it perfect for intricate fingerpicking or providing a pristine canvas for your effects. On the other hand, the overdrive channel allows you to dial in the perfect amount of saturation, from bluesy overdrive to searing lead tones.

Crafted with precision and a deep understanding of modern guitarists’ needs, the Laboga Caiman AD5301 Combo is the ideal companion for your musical journey. Whether you’re a recording artist, a gigging musician, or a dedicated hobbyist, this amplifier’s ability to cover a wide spectrum of tones ensures your music always shines. Dive into the world of the Caiman AD5301 and explore the vast sonic landscape it offers, taking your sound to new heights.

Additional information

Weight23 kg
Dimensions63 × 35 × 39 cm




Power Tubes

2 x 12AX7, 4 x EL84 i


Celestion G12T-75

Volume knobs

Gain i Volume for drive, Master Volume, Volume for clean

Footswitch socket

Channel select, Gain select

Speaker output

16 ohm, 4 ohm, 8 ohm