Fishman Loudbox Mini Amp


The Loudbox Mini delivers the tonal quality that has made the Fishman name the standard for great acoustic sound. The Mini packs 60 watts of clean acoustic power, and has two channels featuring Fishman’s legendary preamp and tone control designs. The Mini also features digital reverb and chorus for the instrument channel and reverb for the microphone channel. The Loudbox Mini sports an MP3 input and balanced XLR D.I. output.

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Fishman Loudbox Mini Amp
Fishman Loudbox Mini Amp 330,00 

The Fishman Loudbox Mini Amp is a compact yet powerful solution for acoustic musicians. This amplifier is designed to bring out the best in your acoustic instruments, whether you’re playing a guitar, violin, or any other acoustic instrument. It delivers crystal-clear sound and enough power to fill a small venue or studio, making it a versatile choice for musicians of all levels.

Despite its small size, the Fishman Loudbox Mini is packed with features. It includes built-in effects such as reverb and chorus to enhance your sound and create a more immersive performance. Additionally, it’s lightweight and easy to transport, making it an ideal companion for gigs, practice sessions, or even busking on the streets. With its intuitive controls and stellar sound quality, this amplifier is a favorite among acoustic players.

The Fishman Loudbox Mini Amp is more than just an amplifier; it’s a tool to elevate your acoustic performance. Whether you’re a singer-songwriter looking for the perfect accompaniment or a seasoned performer, this amplifier provides the clarity and power you need to make your music shine. Experience the versatility and exceptional sound quality of the Fishman Loudbox Mini Amp and take your acoustic performances to the next level.


  • Bluetooth® 4.0 Connectivity
  • 60 Watts with Master Volume
  • Two channels: Instrument & Microphone
  • Digital Reverb & Chorus
  • Master Volume
  • 1/4” & 1/8” Auxiliary Input
  • Balanced XLR D.I. output
  • Lightweight & Portable

Instrument Channel:

  • 1/4” input for active or passive pickups
  • Feedback-fighting Phase switch
  • 3-band EQ: low, mid, high tone controls
  • Reverb level
  • Dual-function Chorus

Microphone Channel:

  • XLR input for dynamic microphones
  • 2-band EQ with low and high tone controls
  • Reverb level

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