Canopus Drums Type-R 10-Ply – Maple – Corona Metallic Snare Drum 14×6.5″


Wood shell delivers the power of a metal drum – with great projection and crispness. In today’s rock drum sound, role of the snare drum can be seen like the engine in a car – to move the music forward, and to provide a definitive backbeat for the band.

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Canopus Drums Type-R 10-Ply - Maple - Corona Metallic Snare Drum 14x6.5" 975,00 

We applied an extremely accurate bearing edge to an 8mm American Maple shell to bring out the maximum power and projection. We have also applied acrylic lacquer to make the sound more solid.
By making it with 10 lugs, we managed to produce a shorter shell vibration – giving a tight, sharp sound.
We used Red Lock (CLT-4), to ensure that the tension bolts do not loosen.

Additionally, we have decided to use Japanese made ASPR drum heads rather than regular Remo USA heads. ASPR drum heads provide more directivity and give greater character in the mid to high frequency ranges.
This is our’ proposal – a specialized Rock sound – a thick wooden snare drum with great power, but, at the same time, extremely comfortable and easy to play. We have produced the very first specialized snare drum for the Rock genre!

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