Vater Buzz Kill Mute Pack


Easy to use drum/cymbal gel dampening system to control unwanted over ring and tone. Can be easily cut to achieve the desired amount of dampening whether using it live or in the studio. Buzz Kill is super-tacky, so it can be used on both batter and resonant heads. Reusable and can be easily cleaned with water when dirty. Each Buzz Kill pack comes with 6 Buzz Kill gels. Also available: Buzz Kill Extra Dry features more weight and mass, which makes it an ideal choice for larger drums. Great for getting that funky, super-flat snare drum sound. Drastically reduces cymbal wash and overtones to produce dry, articulate sticking (especially on a ride cymbal).

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Vater Buzz Kill Mute Pack
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The Vater Buzz Kill Mute Pack is the solution to achieve silence and perfect your drum set’s sound. This pack includes a set of dampening gels designed to control your drum’s overtones, allowing you to create a tight, focused sound.

Whether you’re a drummer recording in the studio or playing live on stage, these dampening gels are essential for managing unwanted overtones and preserving the clarity and precision of your drumming. They’re easy to apply and remove, providing you with flexibility in tailoring your drum’s sound to suit your specific musical needs.

With the Vater Buzz Kill Mute Pack, you can enjoy the freedom to shape your drum’s tone with precision, ensuring that your drumming always delivers the right impact and character for your music. Join the community of drummers who trust Vater for their innovative solutions in drum sound control. Silence the buzz and focus your sound with the Vater Buzz Kill Mute Pack.

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