Vater Keg 5A


Same dimensions as our Los Angeles 5A but with a keg/barrel shaped tip for a defined cymbal articulation. “The shortened strike faces of the keg tips gave cymbal hits significantly more definition than the acorn tips I compared them to, and they also seemed to open up my toms, allowing extra low-end presence. I found both the 5A and 5B Kegs to be most at home in medium volume situations where lower dynamics could benefit from the boosted mids and lows.” – DRUM! Magazine “I love my Vater Keg 5A’s! The size and more importantly, the greatly balanced weight is a perfect match for not only myself but others who play this variation as well.” – ROOK [Machine Gun Kelly] “Vater offer’s the quality and durability, to project a better sound on any drumset or cymbal. I wouldn’t use anything other than Vater. They’re the only drumsticks that gets me through my gigs!” -Didi Negron [Cirque du Soleil Amaluna]

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Vater Keg 5A
Vater Keg 5A 13,35 

Vater Keg 5A Drumsticks are designed to unleash your drumming power. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these drumsticks provide a unique balance of strength and precision that every drummer craves.

Constructed from premium hickory, Vater Keg 5A drumsticks are built to withstand the rigors of intense drumming sessions. The “keg” design offers a larger grip for added control, making them ideal for drummers who need extra power and durability.

Whether you’re rocking out on stage or laying down grooves in the studio, Vater Keg 5A Drumsticks will take your drumming to new heights. Elevate your performance, feel the power, and experience the precision of these exceptional drumming tools. Join the league of drummers who trust Vater for uncompromised quality and performance.

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