G&L Tribute Comanche Olympic White Electric Guitar


The G&L Tribute Comanche solidbody electric guitar is a gig-ready guitar at a great value. With a trio of Magnetic Field Design Z-Coil pickups, you can tap into all manner of classic single-coil guitar tones — without the single-coil hum and buzz. And thanks to the PTB tone system, you have high-cut and low-cut tone controls to shape your tone in ways you can’t achieve with most guitars. And for maximum expressive freedom, the Tribute Comanche is equipped with a Dual-Fulcrum vibrato for big pitch bends without sacrificing tuning stability. Whether you’re recording at home, gigging on the weekends, or both, your expectations will be exceeded with the G&L Tribute Comanche.

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G&L Tribute Comanche Olympic White
G&L Tribute Comanche Olympic White Electric Guitar 575,00 

Dual-Fulcrum tremolo expands your creative potential

If you’re drawn to the creative potential a tremolo bridge offers, but are concerned about tuning stability, you definitely need to audition the G&L Tribute Comanche Olympic White. It’s equipped with G&L’s Dual-Fulcrum tremolo, an original design by Leo Fender himself. You’ll be able to bend notes and chords up or down with amazing tuning stability — even after deep dives.

PTB tone system: tone knobs you’ll love

The more we play with G&L’s PTB tone system here at Sweetwater, the more we realize how useful it is to have a low-cut control on an electric guitar. The PTB tone system essentially includes one traditional tone knob to roll off high frequencies, and another tone knob to roll off low frequencies. The bass roll-off is especially useful for high-gain applications like fuzz pedals, tightening up low-end punch and keeping your tone from getting too muddy. It’s also a great way to add guitar overdubs to a mix without adding too much low-mid frequency content.

Z-Coil pickups deliver single-coil character without the hum

Take a look at the G&L Tribute Comanche Olympic White, and your eyes will naturally be drawn to its unique Magnetic Field Design Z‑Coil pickups — one of Leo Fender’s own magnificent innovations. These pickups sound bright and sparkly in the top end and thick and robust in the bottom end. They supply fantastic tone as is, and they also serve as an excellent foundation for further shaping with pedals. Plus, there’s a push-pull expander that opens up more sonic option, including having both neck and bridge pickups together or having all three pickups active at the same time.

G&L Tribute Comanche Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:

  • Magnetic Field Design Z-Coil single-coil pickups deliver glassy, plucky tone without single-coil hum
  • 5-way pickup selector with push-pull expander yields a wide range of classic guitar tones, from rich and vocal-like to bright and chiming
  • Medium “C” neck profile with 12-inch fretboard radius
  • PTB (passive treble and bass) tone controls give you high-cut and low-cut options for an endless array of tonal combinations to explore
  • Dual-Fulcrum vibrato designed by Leo Fender offers expressive potential with impressive tuning stability

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