RightOn! Breathe Red


Breathe Straps is perforated with 265 holes and inserted a special waterproof and breathable membrane inside it, allowing the shoulder to breathe while preventing sweat from entering the Strap.

It is a vegan strap, super lightweight and padded, it’s not comparable with any other bass strap on the market. The strap is 8cm wide with an adjustable range of 103 to 130cm.

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RightOn! Breathe Red
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Unleash your inner rockstar with the RightOn Breathe Red Guitar Strap. This extraordinary accessory not only adds a striking touch to your instrument but also ensures that you look and feel your best during your performances.

Featuring the bold Breathe Red design, this guitar strap stands out, making a statement of its own. Whether you’re rocking the stage or perfecting your skills in the studio, this strap offers both aesthetic appeal and ergonomic support.

Customizable to your playing style, it provides ultimate comfort for extended performances, allowing you to concentrate on your music. Elevate your musical journey with the RightOn Breathe Red Guitar Strap and experience the perfect fusion of style and comfort that every musician desires.

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Belt Material

Vegan (synthetic)

Belt width



103 – 130 cm