Victory Amps Sheriff 44

Expect 1960s-style blues rock to ’70s and ’80s heavy rock and beyond… ​ This dual-channel, EL34-powered amp is all about classic British overdrive sounds. Blues-rock players will love the mid-’60s-style feel and response of Input/Volume I, with enough gain to sing but also clean up well off the guitar. Input/Volume II takes off into hot-rodded ’70s and ’80s territory and beyond, retaining that classic British ‘plexi’ sound all the way. With selectable fixed or cathode biasing, The Sheriff 44 is for players who want ultimate ‘plexi’ tone that’s also real-world usable.

Experience the exceptional sound of the Victory Amps Sheriff 44, a handcrafted amplifier that exemplifies the highest standards of tone and power. This remarkable amplifier is your key to unlocking a world of sonic possibilities.

The Sheriff 44 is designed to capture the essence of classic British tone, offering a perfect blend of warmth, clarity, and harmonically rich overdrive. Whether you’re a blues guitarist, a rock enthusiast, or a versatile musician, this amplifier covers a wide spectrum of musical genres.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Victory Amps ensures that the Sheriff 44 not only sounds incredible but also stands as a testament to the art of amplifier craftsmanship. Its robust build and timeless design make it a valuable addition to any guitarist’s setup.

Elevate your musical journey and discover the magic of the Victory Amps Sheriff 44. With this handcrafted amplifier, you have the power to shape your tone and explore new horizons in your music.

Two Footswitchable Channels

Inputs/Volumes I & II are separate footswitchable channels. Volume I has plenty of overdrive if you want it, with a softer, more ‘vintage’ midrange focus. Volume II steps forward a decade or two with more gain, more punching mids and tighter bottom end. Want it cleaner? Just roll your guitar volume back.

Post-Phase-Inverter Master

A PPIMV (post-phase-inverter master volume) is a great option for a traditionally-voiced amp like this. You get to hear and feel more of the power section at lower volumes, or you can turn the master to full where it’s then out largely of the circuit for that non-master volume amp feel and response.

Fixed Or Cathode Bias

You can run the power section in either fixed- or cathode-biased modes. The former offers maximum headroom and clarity; the latter more compression and sag at higher volumes. At lower volumes, cathode bias can feel more ‘urgent’ and dynamic, but push the master and it will start to compress more quickly.

Series Effects Loop

A series effects loop is available for effects fans. It’s completely out of the circuit when hard bypassed. This is a post-phase-inverter master volume amp, so effects can easily overdrive when used in the loop. Our advice is to run the mix/output levels on your effects much lower than you would into the front.

External Bias Adjustment

Take all the hassle out of replacing output valves with the Sheriff 44’s external bias measurement points and adjustment. All you need is a new pair of EL34s and a multimeter. It’s fast, safe and reliable – you can find full instructions are in the amp’s manual.