Laboga Beast Classic Combo


Beast Classic is the third evolution from the Beast series, with the same features and size as The Beast 30+ but with the different tone shape, especially changed to get nice classic vintage sound. It has 30 Watt power capacity, which can be reduced to 15W with front panel switch. It utilizes four EL84 power tubes and the lower output power is achieved by smart reducing voltages instead just disconnecting two of four output tubes. The output transformer is wound in a special vintage unique style, using special core materials. Together with the different preamp arrangement it makes this amp sounding different than the other two models from the series.

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Laboga Beast Classic Combo
Laboga Beast Classic Combo 850,00 

The Laboga Beast Classic Combo is a legendary amplifier that combines vintage style with modern performance. This classic reimagined is designed to satisfy the cravings of guitarists who seek that timeless, raw power of vintage amps while enjoying the convenience and reliability of contemporary technology. With the Beast Classic Combo, you can embrace the classic roar of a bygone era.

What sets the Beast Classic Combo apart is its exceptional tonal quality. This amplifier excels at delivering the warm, saturated tones that vintage enthusiasts love. From smooth, creamy cleans to a searing, overdriven growl, it captures the essence of classic rock and blues. The built-in reverb and EQ controls allow you to sculpt your sound to perfection, ensuring that every note you play is drenched in character and depth.

Crafted with precision and a deep appreciation for the past, the Laboga Beast Classic Combo is more than just an amplifier; it’s a connection to the golden age of guitar tone. Whether you’re playing in the studio or performing on stage, this combo amp is your passport to a sonic journey that captures the essence of classic rock and blues, while offering the reliability and versatility required in the modern music world. Embrace the classic roar and elevate your sound with the Beast Classic Combo.

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30W / 15W (switched) using 4 x EL84


Celestion 12” – V-TYPE

Footswitch socket