Lundgren Black Heaven Bridge Alnico 6-String


New for 2018, Johan Lundgren’s newest recreation may be his finest yet! The Black Heaven combines the power, aggression and tight response of the legendary M6, but with more refined, organic character that  lends itself to more diverse tonal applications.

The Black Heaven® bridge model boasts crisp attack, meaty growl, and punchy lows accompanied by rich harmonics and excellent dynamics. There is plenty of power here, but with less compression and more of a wide frequency response. The Neck model is both articulate and juicy, so lead players will appreciate its depth and sonic complexity. Whether you’re into modern down-tuned progressive metal, old school thrash, hard rock, punk or anything in between- the Black Heaven has you covered! Neck pickup AlNiCo. Bridge pickup Ceramic. BIG AlNiCo optional. Black adjustable poles.  Short legs, 4-lead cable for all switching options.  Available in 6,7 and 8 stringed versions. 6 stringed versions are available in open, black nickel cover or Drop-Top/Open Black nickel cover.

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Lundgren Black Heaven Bridge Alnico 6-String
Lundgren Black Heaven Bridge Alnico 6-String 180,00 

Elevate your guitar’s tone with the Lundgren Black Heaven Bridge Alnico 6-String Pickup. This meticulously designed bridge pickup is your key to unlocking rich and powerful tones with ease.

Crafted with precision, the Black Heaven Alnico Bridge Pickup delivers a unique blend of warmth and power, suitable for various musical styles. Whether you’re into rock, blues, or any genre in between, this pickup provides exceptional clarity and depth, allowing your guitar to truly shine.

Installation is straightforward, and the immediate improvement in your guitar’s sound is undeniable. Don’t compromise on your music’s potential. Elevate your tone and discover a new level of musical excellence with the Lundgren Black Heaven Bridge Alnico 6-String Pickup. Whether you’re a professional musician or a passionate guitarist, this pickup will inspire your playing and bring out the best in your instrument.

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