Lundgren Heaven 57 Set


Heaven 57® P.A.F. Sound. Think Billy Gibbons or Gary Moore or why not some other blues or jazzplayer.
Heaven 57® P.A.F. Sound. We have built this pickup with all the right features. We had some good P.A.F.s from late 50s to compare with. Think Billy Gibbons or Gary Moore or why not some other blues or jazzplayer. Wound with Plain enamelwire. We had put much work into the details with 5-40 polescrew, woodenspacer beneath the butyrate bobin and a baseplate of nickelsilver. Maybe the biggest impact of this pickups sound is our special alnicomagnet which contributes to this pickups pleasant wooden character. Standard High legs nickel silver base plate and braided single conductor with shield.  The tune: “Heaven 57 Blues” recording shows the bridgepickup in action. We used a Ibanez tubescreamer and a Vox AC15. After the harmonies we used a V-stack. The Other soundsamples are as usual. Please read more at Lundgren/sounds. Heaven 57® is a Registered trademark and owned by Lundgren guitar pickups.

“We are in the studio right now recording the new album, using Heaven 57® pickups.They sound amazing. We’ve also, since long, been using playing Smooth Opeartors playing live and both  sets of pickups are really great. Quality.”

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Lundgren Heaven 57 Set
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Elevate your guitar’s sound and experience the magic of vintage tones with the Lundgren Heaven 57 Pickup Set. Carefully crafted to capture the essence of classic, timeless sound, this pickup set will take your music to a new level.

Designed to deliver warmth, clarity, and a rich tonal palette, the Heaven 57 pickups are perfect for musicians who appreciate the vintage, classic sound of yesteryears. Whether you’re into blues, jazz, or any genre that demands the warmth of vintage tones, these pickups provide exceptional musical expression.

Installation is straightforward, and the immediate improvement in your guitar’s sound is undeniable. Don’t settle for average tones; elevate your music and experience the nostalgia of vintage sound effortlessly with the Lundgren Heaven 57 Pickup Set. Whether you’re a professional musician or a passionate guitarist, this set will inspire your creativity and bring out the best in your instrument.

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