KMA Machines Logan


Take a walk in the gritty dirt and breathe in the crystal-clear mountain air, exactly as Logan once did on his journey to glean the beauties of both nature and mankind. Once you hear Logan’s sweet and graceful sounds you will be driven to find your own way into the transcendental tone kingdom. So plug-in and let Logan guide you into a new era of overdrive. Logan is made to transcend the well-known boundaries of overdrive.

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KMA Machines Logan
KMA Machines Logan 185,00 

The KMA Machines Logan is a fuzz powerhouse waiting to be unleashed, delivering a distinctive and powerful fuzz for your guitar or bass. It’s a versatile pedal that encourages sonic experimentation and creativity.

With a unique character and a wide tonal palette, the Logan offers a range of fuzz tones, from warm and vintage to gritty and aggressive. Its controls are intuitive, allowing you to sculpt your sound precisely.

Whether you’re chasing classic fuzz sounds or looking to break new sonic boundaries, the Logan is your creative tool for sculpting unique and expressive tones.

Built with durability in mind, KMA Machines ensures that the Logan can withstand the rigors of the stage and studio. Its compact design ensures it’s a manageable addition to your pedalboard.

Unleash the fuzz powerhouse with the KMA Machines Logan and experience a world of distinctive and creative fuzz tones, perfect for your musical experimentation.

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Weight0,5 kg
Dimensions18 × 13 × 10 cm

KMA Audio Machines

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Distortion, Overdrive