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The inception of the Espada™ can be traced back to the late 1960s when Leo Fender spearheaded its development at his groundbreaking CLF Research company. This visionary project aimed to create a cutting-edge two-pickup guitar for his renowned namesake company. Despite reaching an advanced stage in styling by late 1969, the Espada project was abruptly abandoned. However, the blueprints and R&D artifacts of this remarkable guitar remained preserved within the archives of CLF Research. The Espada boasted captivating aesthetics, showcasing a distinctive body shape, a unique pickguard design, and a commanding control plate reminiscent of a sword.

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g&l clf research espada sonic blue
G&L CLF Research Espada Sonic Blue Electric Guitar 2.100,00 

Embark on a journey through time as the McLaren brothers, armed with Leo’s original blueprints and R&D artifacts, breathe new life into the iconic Espada concept with the G&L CLF Research Espada Sonic Blue. Meticulously crafted with unwavering attention to detail, this guitar embodies Leo’s pioneering vision and showcases the advancements of his later technological developments. Explore the versatility of the Magnetic Field Design pickups, now equipped with a series/parallel switch for an array of sonic possibilities. Experience the seamless transfer of string energy through Leo’s innovative Saddle Lock bridge technology, ensuring optimal resonance and sustain. The modern G&L Micro Preamp, powered by a single 9v battery, unlocks an extensive palette of tonal expressions, from sparkling cleans to thick, rounded tones. Complemented by Leo’s iconic PTB controls, this instrument empowers you to shape your sound with precision and creativity. Immerse yourself in the sonic brilliance and timeless elegance of the G&L CLF Research Espada Sonic Blue, a testament to Leo’s enduring legacy.

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