G&L Legacy RMC HSS Margarita Electric Guitar


Experience the versatility of the G&L Legacy RMC HSS Margarita. With its sleek design and balanced tones, this guitar offers rich harmonics and dynamic performance. From vintage warmth to modern punch, the Legacy RMC HSS Margarita shines in any musical setting.

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Indulge in the mesmerizing tones and impeccable craftsmanship of the G&L Legacy RMC HSS Margarita. This exceptional guitar carries the torch of its predecessor, the Legacy Deluxe, with a fresh twist. By removing the pickguard, the stunning grain of the alder body takes center stage, perfectly complemented by the refined scraped wood binding. In addition, the Legacy RMC HSS features an alder body that offers a balanced tonal foundation, known for its resonance and warm characteristics. The maple neck and maple fretboard provide a bright and articulate response, enhancing clarity and note definition.

At the heart of the Legacy RMC HSS are the G&L flat-pole Alnico neck and middle pickups. These pickups pay homage to the early ’60s era, meticulously wound to capture the essence of vintage single-coil tones. With their low 6K range resistance, they deliver a dynamic low end, a smooth midrange scoop, and a clean yet vibrant high end. The G&L AW4470 bridge humbucker further expands the sonic palette, offering a tighter and focused sound with enhanced upper midrange presence and a punchy low end attack. The combination of the alder body and the maple neck and fretboard imbues the guitar with a balanced tonal character, providing a lively and resonant playing experience.

Noteworthy is the G&L passive treble and bass controls, offering an extensive range of tonal shaping options. These controls provide the ability to roll off bass and treble frequencies, granting you the flexibility to tailor your sound to suit various musical styles and playing preferences. The Legacy RMC HSS embraces the popular HSS pickup configuration, satisfying the yearnings of purists for classic single-coil spank and catering to modern rock players seeking a more robust and aggressive tone.

Immerse yourself in the exceptional craftsmanship and inspiring tones of the G&L Legacy RMC HSS Margarita.

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