Diril Raw Hi-Hat Cymbal 12″


The Raw serie was created with raw finish which demonstrates a dark sound and short sustain, but high definition, so it makes them extremely musical. It is a very deep and dry, crispy and very smoky sound.

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Diril Raw Hi-Hat Cymbal 12"
Diril Raw Hi-Hat Cymbal 12" 120,00 

The 12″ Diril Raw Hi-Hat Cymbal is your gateway to unbridled energy in your drumming. Crafted with precision and a unique character, this cymbal is the perfect choice for drummers in search of a gritty, energetic sound.

This cymbal empowers you to infuse your drumming with a raw and powerful quality, making it suitable for drummers at all levels of expertise. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just beginning your drumming journey, the Diril Raw Hi-Hat Cymbal’s versatility ensures it’s an essential part of your drum kit.

Built from high-quality materials, this cymbal offers exceptional sound quality and durability, ensuring it can meet the demands of both live performances and studio recordings. Unleash your drumming’s raw power with the 12″ Diril Raw Hi-Hat Cymbal and explore a world of gritty, energetic sound.

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