Bosphorus Black Pearl Hi-Hat Cymbal 15″


The Black Pearl Series is designed to have the clear stick definition of the Master Vintage Series combined with the rich sound of the legendary Master Series. The cymbals’ controlled response and remarkable playablity create the ultimate combination of tone and feel.

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Bosphorus Black Pearl Hi-Hat Cymbal 15"
Bosphorus Black Pearl Hi-Hat Cymbal 15" 365,00 

The 15″ Bosphorus Black Pearl Hi-Hat Cymbal is a drumming gem that promises to redefine your rhythm and enhance your musical journey. Crafted with precision and a unique character, this cymbal is an essential addition to your drum kit.

With the Bosphorus Black Pearl Hi-Hat Cymbal, you can explore dark and versatile tones that add depth to your drumming. It’s perfect for drummers who want to create a distinctive sound that stands out in any musical genre. Whether you’re a professional or an aspiring drummer, this cymbal’s adaptability makes it a valuable asset.

Built to last and designed to impress, this cymbal offers exceptional sound quality and durability. It’s a fantastic choice for both live performances and studio recordings. Elevate your drumming experience with the 15″ Bosphorus Black Pearl Hi-Hat Cymbal and let its dark and dynamic tones bring a new dimension to your music.

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