Diril Hazor Hit-Hat Cymbal 15″


The Hazor serie is a very very young serie. It has been developed in puerto rico from edwin solivan and his endorsers. Cymbals are medium/light weight, with explosive, brilliant sound and a bright pattern on the half of neck and bell, and totally lathed till the edge.

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Diril Hazor Hit-Hat Cymbal 15"
Diril Hazor Hit-Hat Cymbal 15" 250,00 

The Diril Hazor Hit-Hat Cymbal 15″ is your gateway to discovering and expanding your rhythmic potential. Crafted with precision and character, this cymbal is the perfect choice for drummers looking to explore versatile and expressive percussion.

This cymbal allows you to unlock your creativity and find your unique groove, making it suitable for drummers of all levels. Whether you’re a professional drummer or just starting your musical journey, the Diril Hazor Hit-Hat Cymbal 15″ adaptability ensures it’s a valuable asset for your drum kit.

Built from high-quality materials, this cymbal offers exceptional sound quality and durability, making it well-suited for both live performances and studio recordings. Unleash your rhythmic potential with the 15″ Diril Hazor Hi-Hat Cymbal and discover a world of versatility and expressiveness in your percussion.

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