Bosphorus Latin Hit-Hat Cymbal 14″


Designed for extreme versatility in any musical setting. These cymbals embody the perfect fusion of South American Folk Music and modern sounds. The combined design with lathed and natural surfaces brings clear stick defination and explosive crashes on single cymbal. These cymbals can play any kind of music from Bachata to Hard Rock!

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Bosphorus Latin Hit-Hat Cymbal 14"
Bosphorus Latin Hit-Hat Cymbal 14" 275,00 

The Bosphorus Latin Hit-Hat Cymbal 14″ is your ticket to exploring the vibrant world of Latin rhythms. Crafted with precision and a distinct character, this cymbal is a must-have for any Latin percussionist, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just beginning your musical journey.

The Bosphorus Latin Hit-Hat Cymbal 14″ is designed to deliver authentic and lively Latin sounds. Its responsiveness and unique tonal qualities make it the perfect companion for creating the distinct rhythms of salsa, samba, and more. With this cymbal, you can infuse your music with the energy and flair that Latin percussion demands.

Built to withstand the demands of Latin music, this cymbal offers exceptional sound quality and durability. Whether you’re performing on stage or in the studio, the 14″ Bosphorus Latin Hi-Hat Cymbal is your key to unlocking the captivating world of Latin percussion. Elevate your groove and embrace the spirit of Latin rhythms with this essential cymbal.

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