Bosphorus Syncopation SW Hi-Hat Cymbal 15″


These cymbals are excessively hammered which generates aggresive and dirty sound with complex and rich overtones. Sandblasted finish (SW) offers a focused stick definition and stunning outfit while lathed finished version generates a higher pitch with sustain. Both are very versatile cymbals for vast array of genres at live and studio performances.

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Bosphorus Syncopation SW Hi-Hat Cymbal 15"
Bosphorus Syncopation SW Hi-Hat Cymbal 15" 380,00 

The 15″ Bosphorus Syncopation SW Hi-Hat Cymbal is your gateway to expanding your rhythmic horizons. Crafted with precision and a unique character, this cymbal is the ideal choice for drummers looking to create innovative and expressive beats.

This cymbal allows you to unleash your creativity and craft syncopated grooves that stand out. Whether you’re an experienced drummer or just starting your rhythmic journey, the Bosphorus Syncopation SW Hi-Hat Cymbal’s versatility ensures it’s a valuable addition to your drum kit.

Built with top-quality materials, this cymbal offers exceptional sound quality and durability, making it suitable for live performances and studio recordings. Unleash your rhythmic creativity with the 15″ Bosphorus Syncopation SW Hi-Hat Cymbal and discover a world of unique and expressive beats.

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