Lundgren Tele Vintage 7,3 Set


A classic sound both suitable both for twang and rock.  A very popular combo. A bridge model based on the Telecaster® Vintage Bridge 6,4 K Ohm model but with slighly more windings of copper wire. The sound characteristics are less treble with more output. A good choice for an allround set.

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Lundgren Tele Vintage 7,3 Set
Lundgren Tele Vintage 7,3 Set 210,00 

Rediscover the timeless magic of classic tones with the Lundgren Tele Vintage 7,3 Pickup Set. This meticulously designed set of pickups will transport your Telecaster to an era of vintage warmth and sonic excellence.

The Lundgren Tele Vintage 7,3 Pickup Set is engineered to provide exceptional clarity, warmth, and the quintessential vintage tones that defined an era of music. Whether you’re into blues, rock, or any genre that demands that classic sound, these pickups deliver the authentic, crystalline tones you’ve been yearning for.

Installation is straightforward, and the immediate improvement in your guitar’s sound is undeniable. Don’t settle for ordinary tones; elevate your music and experience the nostalgia of classic sound with the Tele Vintage 7,3 Pickup Set. Whether you’re a professional musician or a passionate guitarist, this set will inspire your playing and bring out the best in your Telecaster.

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