Vater Power 5B


Similar grip as 5B but with 1/2″ extra length. The “big brother” to Power 5A. Also available in Hickory version.

“The Vater product line has gradually increased my drumming vocabulary. I have come to rely on Vater’s mallets, bass drum beaters, Monster Brushes, sticks, and standard brushes to create my music. I thank Vater for helping me to become a better drummer!” – Matt Johnson [Jeff Buckley / St. Vincent]

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Vater Power 5B
Vater Power 5B 13,35 

Vater Power 5B Drumsticks are designed to help you unleash your drumming strength. These drumsticks provide an excellent balance of power and precision, catering to the needs of drummers across various musical genres.

Crafted from high-quality hickory, Vater Power 5B drumsticks are built to endure intense drumming sessions while maintaining the control you require. The 5B size offers versatility, making them suitable for various musical styles and playing techniques.

Whether you’re playing in a rock band, delivering powerful beats in a metal ensemble, or exploring different music genres, Vater Power 5B Drumsticks will elevate your performance. Feel the strength, experience the precision, and create exceptional beats with these quality drumsticks. Join the community of drummers who trust Vater for top-quality performance and power in their drumming tools.

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