Vater Power 5A


Comfortable to the 5A player but with 1/2″ extra length for extra reach and weight.

Also available in Sugar Maple, Extended Play Series as well as an Acorn Tip version.

“I’m a hard-hitter, so I need a stick that offers not only durability but consistency. That’s why I play Vater Power 5A’s, I love it!!!” – Lawrence Breaux [Robin Thicke]

“Vater are the only sticks that won’t cut my hands up. The finish is supremely smooth and dry. The Power 5As are a little longer than the regular 5As, which allows me to hit harder using less effort. I’ve been exclusively playing Vaters for most of my life as a drummer.” – Julie Edwards [Deap Valley]

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Vater Power 5A
Vater Power 5A 13,35 

Vater Power 5A Drumsticks are crafted to help you unleash your drumming force. These precision drumsticks offer an ideal balance of strength and precision for drummers who require extra power.

Constructed from high-quality hickory, Vater Power 5A drumsticks are designed to withstand intense drumming sessions while providing the control you need. The 5A size offers versatility, suitable for various musical styles and playing techniques.

Whether you’re performing in a rock band, driving the rhythm in a funk ensemble, or exploring other genres, Vater Power 5A Drumsticks will elevate your performance. Feel the force, experience the precision, and create outstanding beats with these quality drumsticks. Join the community of drummers who trust Vater for top-quality performance and strength in their drumming tools.

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