Vater Keg 5B


Same dimensions as our standard 5B but with a keg / barrel shaped tip for a defined cymbal articulation.

“The shortened strike faces of the keg tips gave cymbal hits significantly more definition than the acorn tips I compared them to, and they also seemed to open up my toms, allowing extra low-end presence. I found both the 5A and 5B Kegs to be most at home in medium volume situations where lower dynamics could benefit from the boosted mids and lows.” – DRUM! Magazine

“The Keg 5B is the stick I’ve been looking for for a long time. I’ve always loved the tone I get from the Fusions, but I love the power and the feel I get from the 5Bs. The Keg 5B to me combines these 2 very important attributes into 1 stick. Now I can get that beautiful cymbal definition but not be afraid to dig in to my shells.” – Mike Aveneim

“For amphitheater or arena volumes with Miranda Lambert, the KEG 5B has the handle and velocity sought in a heavier stroke – all with un-compromised cymbal definition.” – G. Maxwell Zemanovic [Miranda Lambert]

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Vater Keg 5B
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Vater Keg 5B Drumsticks are your ticket to unlocking the full potential of your drumming. Meticulously crafted, these sticks offer an exceptional balance between power and precision, catering to the needs of drummers across various musical genres.

Constructed from premium hickory, Vater Keg 5B drumsticks are built to withstand the demands of intense drumming sessions. The unique “keg” design provides a comfortable and sturdy grip, enhancing your control and impact on the drum kit.

Whether you’re playing rock, jazz, or any other style, Vater Keg 5B Drumsticks will elevate your performance. Feel the power, experience the precision, and discover the versatility of these exceptional drumming tools. Join the community of drummers who rely on Vater for top-quality performance and durability.

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