Vater Fusion


Between a 5A & 5B in grip with a small round tip for cymbal clarity. Also available in Sugar Maple and Nude Series.

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Vater Fusion Drumsticks are the ultimate choice for drummers seeking versatility and precision. Designed to excel across a wide range of musical styles and techniques, these drumsticks provide the balance and control needed for various drumming applications.

Crafted with meticulous precision, Vater Fusion Drumsticks are engineered from high-quality hickory, ensuring durability and responsiveness. Their medium taper and acorn tip design make them suitable for a variety of playing dynamics, from soft and subtle to powerful and punchy.

Whether you’re a rock drummer, jazz enthusiast, or exploring various genres, Vater Fusion Drumsticks will enhance your drumming experience. Elevate your performance and enjoy the confidence of having the right tool for every beat. Join the ranks of drummers who trust Vater for uncompromised quality and versatility.

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