Vater Brian Frasier Moore


This stick design comes from one of the most in demand drummers of today. Brian’s stick design is just under a 5A in the grip but with some extra length for added reach. The gradual taper to the medium sized barrel tip makes it a nicely balanced and versatile stick.


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Vater Brian Frasier Moore
Vater Brian Frasier Moore 16,25 

Vater Brian Frasier Moore Signature Drumsticks are a testament to precision in percussion. Crafted to the exacting standards of renowned drummer Brian Frasier Moore, these sticks are designed for drummers who crave the perfect groove. They offer exceptional control and balance, allowing you to explore your rhythmic potential.

These signature drumsticks are expertly crafted from top-quality hickory, ensuring both durability and responsiveness. The unique design, approved by Brian Frasier Moore himself, offers a comfortable feel and excellent cymbal articulation, making them ideal for a wide range of musical styles.

Whether you’re an aspiring drummer or a seasoned pro, Vater Brian Frasier Moore Signature Drumsticks will help you find your rhythm and elevate your drumming to new heights. Join the ranks of drummers who trust these precision percussion tools to create exceptional beats and unforgettable performances.

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