Vandermeij Magistra 6 Black Burst Electric Guitar


Elegant yet tough in looks, simple yet sophisticated in design. The Magistra has it all. With a slim body of only 38 mm and a thin smooth neck this is a lightweight and comfortable guitar. But that doesn’t come at the cost of tone! With a careful hand-picked selection of wood, we make sure every Magistra sounds tight and has a great sustain. Our advanced fretting tools will make sure every string resonates in its full glory, even in low tunings. Choose a neckthrough construction for even more sustain and a multiscale fretboard for the best of both worlds: tight riffs and quick solos. Available as a sixstring, sevenstring or eightstring with endless finishing options, there’s a Magistra for everyone.

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Elevate your musical expression with the Vandermeij Magistra 6 Black Burst guitar, a true embodiment of artistry and innovation. Designed to captivate both the eyes and ears, this instrument boasts a mesmerizing Black Burst finish that seamlessly blends depth and elegance. Crafted with precision and care, the Magistra 6’s aesthetic allure is only matched by its exceptional playability and versatile sound.

The thoughtful design of the Magistra 6 extends beyond its striking appearance. Engineered for optimal performance, its carefully balanced body and ergonomic contours ensure comfort during even the longest playing sessions. The harmonious fusion of form and function is further exemplified by the precisely calibrated electronics, allowing you to effortlessly explore a wide spectrum of tones.

Whether you’re diving into intricate jazz melodies or igniting the stage with blistering rock solos, the Vandermeij Magistra 6 excels in delivering a rich and expressive sonic palette. From the resonant lows to the sparkling highs, every note is articulated with remarkable clarity. As a companion to both seasoned musicians and aspiring artists, the Vandermeij Magistra 6 Black Burst guitar stands ready to awaken your musical potential and reshape your soundscapes.

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Body Wood

Black Limba

Neck Wood


Fretboard Wood







26.5" – 25.5"

Guitar Type

Fanned Fret/Multiscale, ST-Style

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