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Capture that big Bogner amp sound in a pedal with the Bogner Uberschall pedal. Designed after the high-gain Bogner Uberschall amplifier, this pedal delivers all the heavy distortion you could ask for. Sculpt and carve out your perfect tones with a classic 3-band EQ. Uberschall was designed using five discreet Class A circuits like an amplifier; there are no op-amps and clipping diodes found in pedals. The tone, response, and vibe of the Uberschall is pure Bogner mayhem!

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Bogner Uberschall Guitar Overdrive/Distortion Pedal at a Glance:

  • Capture the Bogner sound in a pedal
  • Class A design gives amazing response and sound
  • Feature-packed pedal gives you tonal flexibility

Capture the Bogner sound in a pedal

Reinhold Bogner has designed some of the most iconic rock amps in recent history. The list of artists who play Bogner amps reads like a Who’s Who of rock ‘n’ roll. And now you can own a pedal that sports the signature sound of the Bogner Uberschall amplifier with the Uberschall pedal. This pedal gives you tons aggressive high-gain tones.Class A design gives amazing response and sound

The Bogner Uberschall pedal features five discrete Class A gain stages with no op-amps or diode clipping – just like the actual circuitry of the Uberschall amp. This revolutionary approach delivers amp-like touch sensitivity, note separation, and clarity. While the Uberschall pedal offers classic lower and medium gains, it’s true nature lies in aggressive, tight, in-your-face high-gain tones.Feature-packed pedal gives you tonal flexibility

The Bogner Uberschall pedal sports a footswitchable Boost. The Boost has an independent volume control that lets you dial in a slight bump in volume or an over-the-edge assault for that perfect lead. If you want pure metal mayhem in your pedalboard, then you want the Bogner Uberschall pedal!Bogner Uberschall Guitar Overdrive/Distortion Pedal Features:

  • Bogner’s Uberschall amp in a pedal
  • Discreet Class A gain stages, not op-amps and diodes like other pedals
  • Boost function with independent volume
  • Operates with 9-volt battery or optional power supply (not included)

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