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Enter ReVolt Guitar, a forward-thinking all-analog 3-channel Amp Sim primed to serve as the beating-heart of your rig. The latest-iteration of Two notes’ critically- acclaimed Amp Sim solutions has been engineered with a singular mission: to empower players with the ultimate in foundation tone. Forget any preconceptions of a run-of-the-mill amp-in-a-box: ReVolt Guitar stands-apart. It’s inspired by a trio of iconic amps; It’s fuelled by 200V and genuine tube power; It’s born to assimilate into a myriad of usage scenarios; It cuts above the rest with its integrated OD-Boost circuit.

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Two Notes ReVolt Guitar
Two Notes ReVolt Guitar 385,00 

The Two Notes ReVolt Guitar is a groundbreaking instrument designed for the modern musician seeking unparalleled sonic versatility. With its innovative design and cutting-edge features, this guitar opens up a world of sonic possibilities that will inspire your creativity and push your musical boundaries.

Crafted with precision and care, the ReVolt Guitar boasts a unique combination of tonewoods and pickups that deliver an exceptional range of tones. Whether you’re into soulful blues, aggressive rock, or intricate jazz, this guitar adapts effortlessly to your playing style. Its advanced electronics allow you to sculpt your sound with precision, making it a favorite among professionals and aspiring musicians alike.

Beyond its tonal excellence, the ReVolt Guitar offers superior playability and comfort. Its ergonomic design ensures that every note you play feels smooth and natural, making it a joy to perform on stage or in the studio. If you’re in search of a guitar that’s not just an instrument but a tool for musical innovation, the Two Notes ReVolt Guitar is your gateway to a world of sonic exploration and expression. Elevate your music and redefine your sound with this exceptional instrument.

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