G&L Tribute Fallout Short-scale Bass Olympic White


Packing a world-renowned Magnetic Field Design (MFD) humbucking pickup in an ultra-comfortable contoured body, the G&L Tribute Fallout delivers undeniably fat rock tone along with eminent playability. With its 30″ scale length, this short-scale bass speaks with a powerful and deep voice, and it’s a versatile voice indeed — a three-way pickup selector allows you to choose from distinct series/split/parallel pickup coil configurations. The Tribute Fallout’s attack is fast, punchy, and resonant, largely thanks to the acclaimed Leo Fender-designed Saddle-Lock bridge. If you’re looking for a stage- and studio-ready short-scale bass at a budget-friendly price, your expectations will be exceeded with the G&L Tribute Fallout short-scale electric bass.

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Magnetic Field Design pickups bring the thunder

The Tribute Fallout bass owes much of its bone-rattling tone to its single Magnetic Field Design humbucker. Unique to G&L, Magnetic Field Design pickups are built around a ceramic bar magnet laid under each coil, and they feature individually adjustable pole pieces to give you complete control over your tone. Their inherent sound is warm and deep, with punchy high-mids and an open top-end. And, with double the output per wind over standard designs, Magnetic Field Design will easily push any amplifier into its sweet spot.

Three pickup modes for incredible tonal flexibility

G&L strives to give players unparalleled flexibility when shaping their tone, and the Tribute Fallout doesn’t disappoint on this front. On the face of it, the Tribute Fallout has a straightforward control set, with knobs for volume and tone. However, a discrete three-way mini-toggle switch unlocks incredible possibilities, allowing you to switch between parallel, split-coil, and series modes. Each mode offers its own unique sonic strengths, while maintaining the fat and rich sound the MFD pickup is known for.

Saddle-Lock bridge increases resonance and sustain

Another G&L innovation has found its way into the Tribute Fallout bass — the G&L Saddle-Lock bridge. The Saddle-Lock bridge — designed by Leo Fender himself — reduces the lateral movement of the saddle pieces by tightening an Allen screw on the side of the bridge. Additionally, the Saddle-Lock bridge has a solid protrusion on its backside that is sunk firmly into the instrument’s body wood. Together, these two features make it easier for string energy to travel into the body and translate into a rich, resonant, and sustaining sound, making G&L basses popular with rock bassists at Sweetwater.

G&L Tribute Fallout Electric Bass Features:

  • Easy-playing short-scale bass with a deep, powerful voice
  • Magnetic Field Design humbucking pickup delivers high-output passive tone
  • Pickup pole pieces are independently adjustable to fine-tune your sound
  • 3-way toggle lets you switch between parallel, split-coil, and series coil configurations
  • Saddle-Lock bridge improves resonance and sustain


Steve Araujo grooves on the new Tribute Series Fallout Shortscale Bass
Tim Lefebvre playing the Tribute Series Fallout Shortscale Bass at Leo’s Lounge

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