Synergy Bogner Ecstacy Module Pre-Amp


Capture the iconic Bogner Ecstacy tones with the Synergy Bogner Ecstacy Module Pre-Amp. Ideal for achieving rich, harmonic saturation and dynamic response.

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Synergy Bogner Ecstacy Module Pre-Amp
Synergy Bogner Ecstacy Module Pre-Amp 400,00 

The Synergy Bogner Ecstacy Module Pre-Amp brings the legendary tones of the Bogner Ecstacy to your modular rig. Known for its rich harmonic content and dynamic response, this pre-amp module faithfully replicates the sound that has made Bogner amps a favorite among professional guitarists. Whether you’re chasing pristine cleans, crunchy overdrive, or searing leads, the Bogner Ecstacy Module has you covered.

Designed to integrate seamlessly with the Synergy ecosystem, the Ecstacy Module offers two channels, each with its own gain, volume, and tone controls. This allows you to dial in a wide range of sounds, from classic rock to modern metal. The module’s build quality ensures durability, while its intuitive layout makes it easy to use, even in high-pressure performance situations.

The Ecstacy Module Pre-Amp is a testament to Synergy’s commitment to quality and innovation. By combining Bogner’s iconic sound with Synergy’s modular technology, this pre-amp module provides unparalleled versatility and tone shaping capabilities. Perfect for studio recording, live performances, and home practice, the Bogner Ecstacy Module Pre-Amp is a must-have for any serious guitarist.

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