Strandberg Boden Original NX 7 Glacier Blue Electric Guitar


Based on the first concept prototypes, the Original NX can be deemed the model that started a revolution in modern guitar design and takes the electric guitar into the 21st century. Ever evolving to meet the requirements of players and the changing times, the Original NX model lineup has been refined with sustainable materials that sound great, updated hardware components for improved functionality and reliability, enhanced ergonomics for even greater comfort and playability, and subtle visual tweaks to further refine the Boden playing experience.

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Sweet-sounding tonewoods of the highest quality

Before you even plug in, strum a few chords and pick through a few licks on the Strandberg Boden Original NX 7 Glacier Blue. The resulting sound is nothing short of stellar, courtesy of high-performing tonewoods delivering the perfect combination of phenomenal organic tone, ergonomic design, and effortless playability. To achieve just that, the Strandberg Boden Original NX 7 Glacier Blue starts with a swamp ash body topped with maple, pumping out laser-focused sounds with good sustain and resonance. Snappy maple was chosen for the neck, outfitted with carbon fiber reinforcement rods for long-lasting durability that stands up to the drastic temperature and humidity changes commonly experienced when touring. Rounding out these top-tier tonewoods is a smooth-as-glass bird’s-eye maple fingerboard, guaranteed to send your fretting hand from head(less) to heel in no time.

Optimized with superb Fishman Fluence pickups

To give the Boden Original NX 7 its distinct sound, Strandberg equipped it with a pair of highly coveted Fishman Fluence pickups. Fishman Fluence Modern 7 active humbuckers reside in both the bridge and neck positions. This duo is capable of everything from dirt-tinged cleans and vintage crunch to full-on sonic destruction and more. Best of all, each pickup provides you with the choice of two unique, selectable voices: the Modern Alnico equips you with options for a modern active humbucker and a unique wide-range humbucker; meanwhile, tight bass, crisp highs, and a touch of growl come courtesy of the Modern Ceramic humbucker. Whatever sonic flavor you require, the Boden Original NX 7’s Fishman Fluence pickups are a surefire way of achieving the results you seek.

Strandberg Boden Original NX 7 Glacier Blue: Balanced headless design

The Boden Original NX 7’s headless design removes mass from the headstock for lower weight and improved balance, so you can play marathon sets in total comfort. On the other end, Strandberg’s custom bridge hardware makes an important contribution to the tone of the instrument. Made of lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum, the EGS Rev 7 fixed bridge’s tight component coupling ensures that all the strings’ vibrations are optimally transferred to the tonewoods.

EndurNeck profile and bolt-on design for comfort and playability

At first glance, Strandberg’s acclaimed EndurNeck profile is sure to draw a few questions with its unique shape. Here at Sweetwater, guitarists will all tell you the same thing: the EndurNeck feels even better than it looks. The carbon fiber-reinforced neck sports a rear-shafted trapezoid shape, possessing incredible comfort and noticeable stability. Almost magically, you will feel your grip significantly relax when playing an EndurNeck, leading to longer playing times and fewer injuries. The Boden Original NX 7’s bolt-on construction, paired with a deep double-cut design, offers easy access to the upper register for increased playability and a more focused punch — a welcome feature uncommon for many other bolt-on guitars.

Multi-scale bird’s-eye maple fingerboard

The fingerboard of a Strandberg is instantly recognizable for its multi-scale configuration that assigns each string a unique scale length. This allows low strings to intonate better at high tension and makes bending high strings a breeze. The Boden Original NX 7’s EndurNeck is capped by a 20-inch-radius bird’s-eye maple fingerboard with a 25.5–26.25-inch scale length. Not to mention, its 24 jumbo frets are made from stainless steel — a player-favorite fret material for its incredible resistance to wear over time.

Strandberg Boden Original NX 7 Glacier Blue Electric Guitar Features:

  • The latest and greatest iteration of Strandberg’s highly popular Boden model
  • Punchy swamp ash body lays a solid tonal foundation
  • Solid maple top with a gorgeous flamed maple veneer adds sonic brightness and visual elegance
  • Fishman Fluence Modern 7 active humbuckers deliver everything from fire-breathing crunch to sweet-sounding cleans
  • EndurNeck profile promotes proper fretting technique and reduces the risk of injury
  • Bolt-on construction with double-cut design for easy access to upper frets
  • Headless maple neck offers balance and reduced risk of breakage
  • Multi-scale bird’s-eye maple fingerboard for better intonation and easier bends
  • EGS Rev 7 fixed bridge keeps things in tune and sounding great
  • 24 Jescar stainless steel frets
  • Illuminlay dots ensure your hand placement is always correct on dark stages

Additional information





Body Wood

Swamp Ash

Neck Wood


Fretboard Wood

Birdseye Maple






26.25" – 25.5"

Guitar Type

7-String, Fanned Fret/Multiscale, Headless, Offset (Alternative)

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