Solid Gold FX – Ether Reverb


A compact modulated reverberator, Ether delivers vast ambient and shimmering soundscapes. With endless tails, the pedal is further manipulated by Tap Tempo Vibrato, Tremolo and Harmonic-Tremolo, all designed to bring you to a realm of dark, cavernous voids and eerie, yet shimmering reflections. Ambient bliss is only a stomp away.

Main Features
  • Long Ambient Reverb with Infinite Hold
  • Selectable Shimmer effect
  • Analog Dry-through
  • Vibrato, Tremolo and Harmonic-Tremolo effects on wet signal, with Tap Tempo
  • Sawtooth, Sine and Special Waveforms, via centre-detent Depth control
  • True Bypass with Trails switching
  • Modulation Bypass and Speed Ramping
  • HP/LP Color Control
  • Top-mounted Jacks – for ease of pedalboard mounting
  • Made in Montreal, Canada
  • Powered by a regular 9V DC PSU (centre -, 2,1 mm, ~70 mA current draw)

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Solid Gold FX - Ether Reverb
Solid Gold FX - Ether Reverb 225,00 

The Solid Gold FX Ether Reverb is your path to elevating your music and expanding your sonic horizons. This captivating reverb pedal opens the door to a realm of rich and unique reverb effects.

With the Ether, you can craft lush, atmospheric textures, adding depth and character to your sound. Whether you’re a guitarist, keyboardist, or a sound enthusiast, this pedal provides the tools to explore and shape your sonic landscape.

Embrace a journey of musical exploration, experiment with your sound, and elevate your music with the Solid Gold FX Ether Reverb. This pedal is your key to captivating reverb effects, inspiring creative expression, and expanding your sonic palette.

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