Rotosound Yellow Nickel 10-7


The 7-string version of our Roto Yellows regular electric guitar strings. Our best-selling electric guitar strings. The combination of silky nickel wrap and powerful steel core make our Rotos a great all-rounder for any playing style or genre.

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Rotosound Yellow Nickel 10-7
Rotosound Yellow Nickel 10-7 18,00 

Rotosound Yellow Nickel 10-7 guitar strings bring a burst of vibrancy to your music. Designed for versatility, these strings are suitable for a broad spectrum of musical styles and playing techniques, allowing you to explore and create with confidence.

The Yellow Nickel coating enhances both tone and durability, ensuring that your guitar sounds lively and expressive, even after extended use. With a 10-7 gauge configuration, you can achieve balanced tension, making these strings comfortable for various playing techniques, from intricate fingerpicking to energetic strumming.

Whether you’re a seasoned guitarist or a beginner, Rotosound Yellow Nickel 10-7 strings are the ideal choice for those who crave a brilliant and versatile sound. No matter your preferred style or genre, these strings provide the responsiveness and resonance you need to shine on stage or in the studio.

Elevate your sound and experience the vibrancy and versatility of Rotosound Yellow Nickel 10-7 guitar strings. Unleash your creativity and let your music shine with the brilliance and energy these strings bring to your instrument.

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