Rotosound British Steel 9


The quintessential sound of British guitar – Rotosound’s early electric guitar strings which were the choice of music legends. This range originates from the sixties and offers a distinctly bright tone with increased presence over its nickel-plated counterparts. As British Steels are nickel free, they’re aptly suited to players with a nickel allergy.

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Rotosound British Steel 9
Rotosound British Steel 9 15,00 

Rotosound British Steel 9 guitar strings transport you back in time, offering the vintage vibe and iconic sound that defined classic rock. These strings pay homage to the rich legacy of British Steel strings, providing the perfect formula for recreating the classic tones that shaped the music of yesteryears.

Favored by legendary guitarists, the 9-gauge strings strike a balance that’s ideal for achieving vintage and classic rock sounds. Whether you’re a fan of blues, rock, or any genre with a penchant for that unmistakable vintage tone, these strings deliver in spades.

With their precision craftsmanship and reputation for durability, Rotosound British Steel 9 guitar strings guarantee that your guitar will faithfully produce the timeless sound that has left its mark on the annals of music history. Relive the glory of vintage rock and let your guitar echo with the spirit of the past.

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