Rotosound British Steel 10


The quintessential sound of British guitar – Rotosound’s early electric guitar strings which were the choice of music legends. This range originates from the sixties and offers a distinctly bright tone with increased presence over its nickel-plated counterparts. As British Steels are nickel free, they’re aptly suited to players with a nickel allergy.

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Rotosound British Steel 10
Rotosound British Steel 10 8,00 

Rotosound British Steel 10 guitar strings are your ticket to capturing the classic, timeless sound that defined an era of music. These strings pay homage to the rich heritage of British Steel strings, providing vintage-inspired tones and exceptional playability.

The British Steel series has long been favored by legendary guitarists, and for good reason. The 10-gauge strings offer a balanced tension, making them ideal for achieving vintage and classic rock tones. Whether you’re a fan of blues, rock, or any genre that thrives on vintage vibes, these strings will be your faithful companion.

Crafted with precision and renowned for their longevity, Rotosound British Steel 10 guitar strings ensure your instrument delivers the iconic sound you crave. Embrace the spirit of legendary performances and timeless music with these strings, and let your guitar resonate with the echoes of a bygone era.

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