Rombo Picks Ecoblack Horizon 1.4mm


The Rombo Horizon Pick Set EcoBlack (4 guitar picks) consists of:

– 4 x Rombo Horizon | 1.4 mm

The wide curvature on the body and tip allows you to slide smoothly through the guitar strings. Its curious-shaped raised hill on the body ensures splendid comfortable hold.

All picks in EcoBlack colour 100% out of pre-consumer fibre waste.

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Rombo Picks Ecoblack Horizon 1.4mm
Rombo Picks Ecoblack Horizon 1.4mm 3,50 

Rombo Picks Ecoblack Horizon 1.4mm picks are the top choice for guitarists who prioritize both precision and environmental responsibility. Crafted with sustainability in mind, these picks elevate your playing experience while being eco-friendly.

With a thickness of 1.4mm, these picks provide an optimal balance between flexibility and rigidity, ensuring precise articulation of every note. They are well-suited for intricate chord progressions and expressive solos, making them an excellent choice for live performances and studio recording.

Not only do these picks excel in performance, but they also demonstrate your commitment to the environment. Their eco-friendly design and excellent grip make them comfortable for extended playing sessions, allowing you to explore your musical creativity without limitations.

The Ecoblack Horizon color adds a unique touch of style to your gear, showcasing your dedication to sustainable choices in your music. These picks are built to withstand regular use, making them a dependable companion for numerous jam sessions and performances.

Experience eco-friendly precision and control with Rombo Picks Ecoblack Horizon 1.4mm. Elevate your guitar playing while making a positive impact on the environment. Try them out and discover the difference these sustainable picks can make in your musical journey.



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