Rombo picks Eco black Diamond 2mm


The Guitar Pick Set Rombo Diamond Eco-Black (4 guitar picks) consists of:

– 4 x Rombo Diamond | 2 mm

Exceptional picking control an accuracy. Favourite amongst advanced guitarists. The hole in the middle provides extra control and grip rate. Sharp tip for high attack, and clean bright tone.

All picks in ECO-Black colour 100% out of pre-consumer fibre waste.

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Rombo picks Eco black Diamond 2mm
Rombo picks Eco black Diamond 2mm 3,50 

Rombo Picks Eco Black Diamond 2mm picks are the go-to choice for guitarists seeking sustainable, precision tools with exceptional grip. These picks are crafted with an eco-friendly approach to elevate your playing experience.

At a thickness of 2mm, these picks offer the perfect balance between flexibility and rigidity. This balance ensures precise articulation, making them ideal for intricate chord progressions and expressive solos. Whether you’re performing live or recording in the studio, these picks deliver clear and nuanced tones.

Not only do these picks excel in performance, but they also prioritize sustainability. Their ergonomic design and superior grip ensure you can play for extended periods without fatigue, allowing you to push your musical boundaries.

The Eco Black Diamond color adds a touch of style to your gear while emphasizing your commitment to sustainability. These picks are built to endure regular use, making them a reliable choice for countless jam sessions and performances.

Experience sustainable precision and superior grip with Rombo Picks Eco Black Diamond 2mm. Elevate your guitar playing to new heights while contributing to a greener world. Try them out and discover the difference these eco-friendly picks can make in your musical journey.



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