Reverend Descent Ra Midnight Black Electric Guitar (B-Stock)

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Get ready to throw down with this one – way down. An all-new baritone design with a 26-3/4″ scale neck that’s long enough to deliver thunderous lows, yet short enough to play like a normal guitar. The best of both worlds! Strategically positioned Railhammer Chisel pickups keep the tone tight, and our custom SIT 12-68 gauge string set (available separately) features a plain 3rd for easy bending. Feeling the itch for that baritone growl, but don’t want to feel like you’re playing a bass? Then the Descent RA is your ticket.

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Reverend Descent Ra Midnight Black
Reverend Descent Ra Midnight Black Electric Guitar (B-Stock) 1.180,00  Original price was: 1.180,00 €.945,00 Current price is: 945,00 €.

Attention to detail for both aesthetics and functionality

As is the standard for all Reverend guitars, the Reverend Descent Ra Midnight Black is contructed from lighter weight korina that exemplifies consistency and supreme tonal quality. The roasted maple neck is tirelessly treated to be lighter and more stable, while emitting a clean vintage look. The list of well-crafted features of the Descent RA seems endless, including a stronger reinforced cable jack plate and a Boneite nut engineered to reduce friction and aid in tuning stability alongside the pin-locking thumbwheel tuners. And you can forget about string buzz with the Descent RA’s triple string tree design on the headstock, dramatically reducing the frustrating jangle of the G string. An array of impressive hardware continues across the body, highlighted by the Reverend’s iconic low-profile dome knobs, which are designed to maximize strumming room and efficiency for stress-free playing. The Descent RA also has a dual-action truss rod and provides easy access for adjustment at the headstock, allowing you to increase or decrease the bow of the neck and protect your guitar from the damages of aging and changing temperatures. Each and every Descent RA is numbered and signed by one of Reverends expert technicians, adding a final touch of personal craftsmanship to your guitar.

A fantastic bridge between a baritone and a standard guitar: Reverend Descent Ra Midnight Black

The Reverend Descent Ra Midnight Black sounds just as good as it looks, thanks to two humbucking Railhammer Chisel pickups. Strategically positioned for tight tone response, you’ll discover a satisfying low baritone boost to your normal guitar sound once you tune down to B standard. All of Reverend’s pickups are engineered to maintain good tone and volume balance when selecting between them, and the consistency of the Descent RA is no exception. Furthermore, the 26.75-inch neck adds a bit of length, without straying too far from the comfortable feel of a regular guitar — so you won’t feel like you’re lugging around a giant bass! If you’re looking for more or less thump to complement your strong baritone sound, the convenient bass roll-off knob lets you craft your perfect low-end tone with ease. Are you seeking brighter tones while taking some volume off the top? Reverend’s treble bleed technology preserves your sound by maintaining your treble, even when decreasing the master volume.

Internal reliability and electronic quality

You’ll find just as much quality in the internal electronics as you’ll find from an outside glance of the Descent RA. Reverend’s rule of thumb is ±10% when it it comes to their polyester caps and alpha control pots. This level of engineering is normally found on boutique guitars, but it’s a standard for every Reverend guitar, including the Descent RA. Another Reverend staple is an upgraded jack by Pure Tone Technologies, built dependably with two contacts that provide a better overall grip and a reliable signal.

Reverend Descent Ra Midnight Black: expertly crafted and designed with the player in mind

From humble beginnings working out of a Detroit-area garage to worldwide praise and presence on the globe’s biggest stages, Reverend Guitars has solidified its place as a reliable source of exquisite guitars and basses. The brainchild of designer and luthier Joe Naylor, Reverend instruments are found accompanying many of today’s most influential players, including Billy Corgan, Reeves Gabrels, Meshell Ndegeocello, Matt West, and many others. Now based in Toledo, Ohio, Reverend’s firm commitment to quality and exceptional tone is found in every instrument, each donning custom-shop components to deliver the purest sound possible.

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