Reverend Charger 290 Mulberry Mist Electric Guitar

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Road tested and artist approved, the Reverend Guitars Charger 290 electric guitar is outfitted with top-notch woods and electronics for an unquestionably custom-shop look and feel. This rock-solid 6-string embodies all the sonic excellence of a premium instrument at a price that works for bedroom producers, gigging guitarists, and all musicians in between. Its korina body delivers a mellow sound with far-reaching resonance; it’s perfectly paired with a snappy roasted maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. Reverend 9A5 single-coil pickups in the bridge and the neck deliver that classic P-90 sound with some added “oomph” and clarity, made even better with a Bass Contour knob for additional fine-tuning. Pin-lock tuners make for lightning-quick string changes while keeping everything in tune. Finally, boutique accents like a Pure Tone jack, 10% pots and poly caps, and a treble bleed circuit add to the prestige of this showstopper.

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Reverend Charger 290 Mulberry Mist
Reverend Charger 290 Mulberry Mist Electric Guitar 985,00  Original price was: 985,00 €.840,00 Current price is: 840,00 €.

Sturdy, lightweight woods deliver exceptional warmth and balance

Reverend’s consistency in quality and incredible tone is a hallmark of their brand, and it all starts with the woods. The company focuses on a no-compromise standard — their meticulously chosen woods combine long-lasting durability with room-filling resonance. Korina bodies are well known for their presence in boutique and custom-shop instruments, exuding velvety warmth while balancing lows, mids, and highs exceptionally well. The Reverend Charger 290 Mulberry Mist roasted maple neck feels sturdy in the hands, holding up to humidity changes while out on the road and delivering that beloved “snap.” The warm rosewood fingerboard feels just as exceptional as it looks, highly lauded for its exceptional tone and effortless playability in all positions.

Custom Reverend P-90s bring out the best in Reverend Charger 290 Mulberry Mist guitar

Rather than rely on third-party pickups to get the job done, Reverend took it upon themselves to craft their own for the Reverend Charger 290 Mulberry Mist. Loaded in both positions is a pair of custom-voiced single-coils, akin to vintage P-90s with slight tweaks to deliver a distinct sound. The 9A5 in the bridge bites just like a P-90 should, with added thickness and heat that works exceptionally well for modern genres and playing styles. Sweetwater players are quick to point out the clarity of the 9A5 in the neck position: it’s cleaner than your standard P-90 while possessing all of the smoothness and prominent mids of its inspiration. When you’re in need of a versatile workhorse, this impressive set of pickups is sure to give you a standout sound.

Elite-level appointments from head to heel

One strum is all it takes to experience the exquisite quality of Reverend’s guitars. The Charger 290 comes stock with several enhancements typically reserved for instruments more than double the cost. The result? A 6-string with an elite, pro-quality feel. The Bass Contour knob is a handy tool for tone shaping. It’s capable of tightening up flub and even changing the characteristics of your pickups — humbuckers can quickly morph into single-coils with this awesome mod! Like all of Reverend’s other offerings, the Charger 290 comes equipped with an upgraded jack courtesy of Pure Tone Technologies. Rather than employ the standard single contact, Pure Tone jacks use a pair of contacts for a tighter connection and a more consistent signal. Let’s not forget the treble bleed circuit for retaining your high end when rolling back the volume, which is made even better with 10% poly caps and pots for much more consistent performance. With a Reverend in your hands, you can rest assured that only the best components are under the hood.

Reverend Charger 290 Mulberry Mist guitar: expertly crafted and designed with the player in mind

From humble beginnings working out of a Detroit-area garage to worldwide praise and presence on the globe’s biggest stages, Reverend Guitars has solidified its place as a reliable source of exquisite guitars and basses. The brainchild of designer and luthier Joe Naylor, Reverend instruments are found accompanying many of today’s most influential players, including Billy Corgan, Reeves Gabrels, Meshell Ndegeocello, Matt West, and many others. Now based in Toledo, Ohio, Reverend’s firm commitment to quality and exceptional tone is found in every instrument, each donning custom-shop components to deliver the purest sound possible.

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