Murat Diril Arena Ride Cymbal 22″


The Murat Diril Arena Ride Cymbal 22″ is a dynamic and versatile addition to any drummer’s kit. Handcrafted with precision by Murat Diril, this 22-inch cymbal offers clear stick definition when used as a ride and a rich, shimmering crash sound. Its durable construction and unique hand-hammered craftsmanship ensure reliability and musicality in both live and studio settings. Elevate your drumming with the expressive sound of the Arena Ride Cymbal 22″.

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Murat Diril Arena Ride Cymbal 22"
Murat Diril Arena Ride Cymbal 22" 380,00 

The Murat Diril Arena Ride Cymbal 22″ is a stunning addition to any drummer’s setup, known for its exceptional quality and versatile sound. Handcrafted by the esteemed Turkish cymbal manufacturer, Murat Diril, this 22-inch ride cymbal is designed to meet the demands of professional drummers and discerning musicians.

The Arena Ride Cymbal 22″ offers a dynamic and expressive sound profile that makes it a versatile choice for various musical styles. It delivers a clear, articulate stick definition when played as a ride, allowing drummers to articulate intricate patterns and accents with ease. When crashed, it produces a rich, shimmering tone with a balanced sustain, making it a suitable choice for adding expressive accents to your music.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Murat Diril Arena Ride Cymbal 22″ is a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality. Its robust construction ensures durability, making it suitable for both stage performances and studio recordings. The hand-hammered craftsmanship, a hallmark of Murat Diril cymbals, ensures that each cymbal is unique, with its own character and tonal qualities.

Whether you’re a jazz drummer looking for a ride cymbal with articulate clarity or a rock drummer seeking a crash cymbal that can cut through the mix, the Arena Ride Cymbal 22″ delivers a rich and versatile sound that will undoubtedly elevate your drumming experience. With its craftsmanship and musicality, this cymbal is a top choice for drummers seeking exceptional quality and expressive possibilities.

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