Laboga Mr Hector 212 Cabinet


Cabinet 212FV (Vented) is a vent at the back side, which influences low frequencies. The tone of this cabinet is similar to sound of combo in low frequencies and similar to closed enclosure in mid-high frequencies. Due to the relatively large size of the vent, the sound resembles the combo version in low frequencies. However, due to the fact that the back side is not entirely closed, in middle and high frequencies the sound resembles one of a closed cabinet. Thanks to that, some limitation of low frequencies, which are sometimes unnecessary, is obtained. However, the sound, which is characteristic for big sets, stays unaffected. Like the standard model 212F, these cabinets are on two Celestion: Vintage 30 and G12T-75 speakers.

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On the back side are 2 jack sockets which are designed to connect amplifier or another cabinet. Thanks to that, one can avoid using long connecting cables between the cabinets and the amplifier in a “chain” usage.

Use of two speakers effected that the tone is better than cabinets with 4 speakers and it is not so troublesome. A set of two 212 cabinets is more universal than a 412 cabinet itself.

To an individual order, it is possible to install other speakers or grill cloth.

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120W RMS


16Ω, 4Ω, 8Ω