Mad Professor Simble Overdrive


Simble Overdrive has a natural organic tone, unsurpassable touch sensitivity, sweet tube-like compression and built in inspiration. This natural sounding pedal works as a clean boost, ”on the edge” crunch, or a sweet singing overdrive, always retaining the tone of your prized guitar. The Simble pedal is happy with either single coil pickups or humbuckers and thanks to the pedals wide bandwidth also works great with bass! Simble Overdrive is great for Robben Ford or Larry Carlton tone and much more! Scroll down to our comparison video with a real Dumble amp.

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The Mad Professor Simble Overdrive is a top-tier addition to any guitarist’s pedalboard. Crafted with precision and a keen ear for tone, this pedal offers a world of sonic possibilities. Its rich, warm overdrive will captivate your audience and enhance your playing with a touch of vintage character.

Unleash a spectrum of tones with the Simble Overdrive. From subtle, bluesy breakup to searing lead tones, this pedal covers it all. Its intuitive controls make it a breeze to dial in the perfect sound for your musical journey. Whether you’re in the studio or on stage, this pedal shines.

Built to last, the Mad Professor Simble Overdrive is a rugged companion for any guitarist. Its sturdy construction ensures years of reliable performance. Elevate your music to new heights with the Simble Overdrive and experience the magic it adds to your guitar rig.


SENSITIVITY: Amount of distortion and compression.

LEVEL: Output level.

ACCENT: Adjusts the pick attack and brightness before the signal is overdriven.

CONTOUR: Brightness of the output.


Current draw: 10 mA at 9V DC approx.

Input impedance: 430 kohm

Output impedance: 50 kohm

Voltage supply range: 9-12V Silent True bypass


6F22 9V battery or DC eliminator 2.1 mm plug center negative and positive sleeve. When LED dims, it is time to change the battery.

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Weight0,5 kg
Dimensions15 × 9 × 8 cm

Mad Professor

Effects Type

Distortion, Overdrive

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