Lundgren M6 Set


On customer demand we transformed our M7 into M6. Since six strings are hard enough for most of us to manage.

The pickup is well known both for high output and clarity. The design is a combination of a unique winding and a ceramic magnet placed under the pickup to give you more of everything and caused many players to give up active pickups. With lots of gain on your amp, harmonics is a piece of cake. The powerful high output M model humbucker let your notes come through even with lots of distortion on your amp. The pickup has lots of low end. Default is nickel slugs.  Black threaded slugs are optional.    You can add covers in our shop.

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Lundgren M6 Set
Lundgren M6 Set 310,00 

Elevate your guitar’s sound and explore a wide tonal spectrum with the Lundgren M6 Pickup Set. This meticulously designed set of pickups is your gateway to unlocking a powerful and versatile sound for your instrument.

The Lundgren M6 Pickup Set is engineered to deliver exceptional clarity, depth, and a wide tonal range. Whether you’re into rock, metal, or any genre that demands expressive power, these pickups provide you with a dynamic palette to express your musical creativity.

Installation is straightforward, and the immediate improvement in your guitar’s sound is undeniable. Don’t compromise on your music’s potential; elevate your sound and unleash the power of the Lundgren M6 Pickup Set. Whether you’re a professional musician or a dedicated guitarist, this set will inspire your playing and take your music to new heights.

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