Vater Los Angeles 5A


Very well balanced stick. Heavier toward the tip for fast attack and response on drums.

Also available in Sugar Maple, Nude Series, Eternal Black, Color Wrap and Extended Play Series.

“I can’t play with any other size sticks except for the Vater 5A sticks I love the weight & the durability it has. Once you go 5A you won’t go back” – Amadeus [Trey Songz]

“My folks tell me I’ve been drumming from the day I was born. I’ve had Rock legends’ tell me I have an old soul. I tell them…From the school band to the recording studio and from rehearsals to touring the country… for as long as I can remember, I’ve always had Vater sticks in my hands. I’m proud to say… I’m growing up Vater!” -Jason Hartless [Ted Nugent]

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Vater Los Angeles 5A
Vater Los Angeles 5A 13,35 

Vater Los Angeles 5A Drumsticks are designed to enhance your drumming experience with precision and groove. Crafted with attention to detail, these drumsticks offer the perfect balance of power and finesse.

Constructed from high-quality hickory, Vater Los Angeles 5A drumsticks are built to last, ensuring durability during intense drumming sessions. The 5A size provides a versatile option, ideal for various musical styles and techniques.

Whether you’re playing in a studio or live on stage, Vater Los Angeles 5A Drumsticks will elevate your performance. Feel the precision, find your groove, and create exceptional beats with these quality drumsticks. Join the ranks of drummers who trust Vater for uncompromised quality and precision in their drumming tools.

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