Innovative Percussion BR-JH – Jeff Hamilton Series/Brush


Explore the Innovative Percussion BR-JH – Jeff Hamilton Series/Brush, endorsed by renowned drummer Jeff Hamilton. Crafted for versatility and precision, these brushes offer exceptional performance for drummers of all levels.

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Innovative Percussion BR-JH – Jeff Hamilton Series/Brush
Innovative Percussion BR-JH – Jeff Hamilton Series/Brush 24,00 

The Innovative Percussion BR-JH – Jeff Hamilton Series/Brush represents a collaboration between Innovative Percussion and acclaimed drummer Jeff Hamilton, celebrated for his mastery across various jazz styles. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these brushes offer exceptional versatility and precision for drummers seeking nuanced expression in their performances. The BR-JH Series brushes feature a unique design that allows for a wide range of dynamic articulation. Whether you’re playing swing, bebop, or Latin jazz, these brushes deliver the perfect balance of sensitivity and projection. The retractable bristles offer adjustable spread and response, allowing drummers to tailor their sound to suit any musical context. Jeff Hamilton’s influence is evident in every aspect of the BR-JH Series brushes, from the ergonomic grip to the flexible bristles and tapered design. Whether you’re performing intricate brush patterns or laying down smooth grooves, these brushes provide the control and articulation needed to elevate your playing to new heights. Innovative Percussion’s commitment to quality and innovation ensures that the BR-JH – Jeff Hamilton Series/Brush is a top choice for drummers seeking professional-grade performance. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner honing your skills, these brushes empower you to explore new sonic possibilities and express yourself with clarity and precision on the drums.

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