G&L ASAT Special Emerald Blue Frost Electric Guitar

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The original neck pickup of the Tele® was intentionally designed to emulate the sound of a bass guitar, featuring a dark and muddy tone that was considered a distinctive characteristic. Over time, Fender made improvements to make the neck pickup more versatile, but it still remains a point of contention among players. However, Leo Fender addressed this issue with his ASAT Classic MFD pickup.

The ASAT Classic MFD pickup captures the classic round and slightly hollow Tele neck tone but with enhanced clarity, reduced compression, and a stronger attack across the entire frequency range. This improvement can be attributed to the MFD design, which utilizes a low-resistance coil and a robust ceramic magnet. The result is a pickup that cuts through the mix more effectively compared to traditional Tele pickups. By rolling off the volume slightly, the softer and more bell-like Tele tone emerges. It retains a vintage character while offering greater usability within a band setting.

Experience the best of both worlds with the ASAT Classic MFD pickup. It provides the timeless Tele neck tone with enhanced clarity, dynamics, and versatility. Whether you’re seeking the classic vintage sound or looking to make your presence known in a band context, the ASAT Classic MFD pickup delivers a remarkable performance.

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Immerse yourself in the sonic possibilities of the G&L ASAT Special Emerald Blue Frost. This exceptional electric guitar is a gateway to a world of musical exploration. With mild distortion, it produces a musical, slightly crunchy tone that retains remarkable note definition, adding depth to every song. Increase the gain and unleash a creamy crunch with rich texture, perfect for expressive lead work that sings like a classic PAF pickup.

At the heart of the ASAT Special is G&L’s innovative ASAT MFD bridge pickup, an evolution of Leo Fender’s iconic design. It captures the twangy, chewy vintage flavors while delivering enhanced body, output, and a smoother response. When paired with higher gain, this pickup transforms into a formidable classic rock machine, surprising with its versatility and rock-ready capabilities. It’s a true lead pickup, offering harmonic richness, crunchy goodness, exceptional touch sensitivity, and remarkable rockability. The ASAT Special pushes the boundaries of traditional tones without compromising its timeless essence.

The neck of this guitar boasts G&L’s acclaimed Modern Classic profile, featuring a dark Indian Rosewood fretboard. The Modern Classic blends a slightly wider nut width with G&L’s Slim C profile and a comfortable 9.5″ radius fretboard. The wider nut ensures superior string stability, while the slimmer profile and radius maintain a smooth playing experience, even during intricate passages. Among G&L’s various neck profiles, the “MCNK” is a resounding favorite, embraced by musicians of all styles.

Don’t be deceived by its unassuming appearance—this guitar is a chameleon of sound, effortlessly shifting from country twang to soulful jazz, bluesy licks, funky grooves, and crushing rock riffs. It’s hard to resist the allure of the ASAT Special, with its classic aesthetics, flawless finish, and unparalleled flexibility. Discover the joy and inspiration that await you with the G&L ASAT Special Emerald Blue Frost. Your musical journey starts here.

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